sábado, 19 de setembro de 2009


(July 22- August 22)

Leo is my sign! I am very excited to talk about it, and it can also help you know a little bit of my personality, but not everything. Sometimes the descriptions of a sing don't necessarily match the person's characteristics, and this is the case of a friend of mine called Barbara, also leo. So let's see these few descriptions so I can better explain it to you:

Qualities: perseverant and determined in everything. Self-confident, and easily solves his problems. Powerful, likeable, generous, warmhearted, creative and enthusiastic, broad-minded and expansive, faithful and loving. Leader by nature.

Weaknesses: supercilious and selfish. Bossy, dogmatic and intolerant.

Love: leo will always have a pleasant relationship with Sargittarius and Aries. Cancer represents danger. Aquarius has everything to transform the relationship in somthing pleasant, full of love and passion. Gimini and Libra can emerge from a strong friendship.

Most of these characterics match my personality. I am also a very happy person, always making jokes, laughing, and active all the time. One weakness of mine is that I am too sensitive. I am sometimes selfish (basically with food), but in my opinion, not because my sign is leo, but because I'm the only child, making me a little spoiled.

Now, I would never say this friend of mine is Leo. She is totally the opposite of me regarding to my enthusiasm. Although being likeable, generous, warmhearted, creative, expansive and loving, she is very shy, is insecure when talking to other people, and is not so easy-going, which are the main descriptions of the sign.

I love being a Leo, uhuuul !

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Raphaella disse...

"I am sometimes selfish (basically with food)" HAHAHA gorrrrdinha é assim ne..

Caroline Kurzweil disse...


Ana Laura Mendoza disse...

hahaha I loved your blog maluu, but I want you to talk about my sign nowww!! soh vc pra escreve sobre isso hahaha

Kevin Yoon disse...

malu... you are very enthusiastic..