sábado, 14 de novembro de 2009

Pisces ( February 20 - March 20 )

Pisces is the last sign I am going to talk about, so now I've posted all of them and everyone can see its own :'). Pisces is the sign of a friend of mine which I miss a lot, because she doesn't live in São Paulo and she is very special to me. Her name is Marina and she is the cutest one ! Let's go to the descriptions of the sign:

Qualities: Pisces vibrant way of communicating and abnegation are very notable. They are honest and loyal, and try to do everything very carefully avoiding mistakes. Romantic, modest and mystic by nature. Their energy is contagious and no one will be sad or low spirited near pisces.

Weaknesses: strong submission and lack of reality in life. They have a great sense of imagination living most of the time illuded.

Love: great relationship with Cancer and Scorpio. Aquarius represents danger. Virgo bring a relationship full of love and passion, and love might emerge from a strong friendship with Taurus and Capricorn.

I strongly admire the qualities of this sign and these characteristics do match my friend's personality. She is a great person, extremely intelligent and smart. She definitely has a contageous energy and people say we are identical. hihi She is incredibly honest. and I like that. Being loyal is also one notable characteristic of her.

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