sábado, 3 de outubro de 2009

Libra (September 23 - October 22)

Woow, I think the only person I know at Chapel who is a Libra is Matheus Dana! Because of that it will be a little hard for for me to compare him with someone else, so let's see if the descriptions of the sign match his personality.

Qualities: coherent and levelheaded; romantic and charming; has an inexplicable energy; easygoing and sociable; idealistic, peaceable, and has a great sense of intuition.

Weakenesses: most commons are naivety and indecision. Person that is easily influenced by others; and sometimes retain rancor when being betrayed.

Love: Libras have great relationships with Aquarius and Gimini. Virgo is the sign that represents danger (relax Laris, depends on the person) (: . Aries can bring a relationhip full of love and passion. And, love can emerge from a strong friendship with Leo and Sagittarius.

I don't know much about Matheus because he is new at Chapel, but from the knowledge I have now, the descriptions do match his personality. He is very charming, peaceable, sociable and loving. Although being a little angry sometimes (haha te amoo dana). I don't see him as a naive person, but a very smart one.

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Marina Grasso disse...

Malu, I find it very interesting the horoscope of all the other signs. But I think that you should soon post something about Capricorn, since it's the best sign. Hahaha

Ida Palmgren disse...

Malu, I'm libra too hahah! I really like to you compare it to people you know, it makes it much more interesting.

Sally disse...

I'm a libra too!!!!
Wow OㅁO
This really fits!!

Raphaella disse...

I still believe that Taurus rocks.

Giovanna di Cameli disse...

Malu I loved your bolg, but I want aquarius astrology!

matheusdana disse...