sexta-feira, 9 de outubro de 2009

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

Nikoooo my friend, this is your sign!! Ahhh, so happy to talk about you hahahaha, lets see if the descriptions of the sign wll match your personality (: hihi
Qualities: great determination and excellent creativity. Likes to be always discovering something new, and is never tired of work. Loyal, passionate, observant and dynamic.

Weaknesses: most commons are jealousy and possession. Likes to dominate. Unyielding, stubborn and aggressive.

Love: Great relationship with Pisces and Cancer. Libra is the sign that represents danger. Taurus brings a relationship full of love and passion (caliente); and Capricorn and Virgo may emerge from a strong friendship.

Nicholas, these characteristics perfectly match your sweet personality. You are loyal, passionate, aggressive (nervosinho hihi) and ciumentinho. And, according to my little book of signs, scorpio is the most seductive, not kidding hahahahaha uiui (: Now, instead of having a picture of your sign, I put a picture of you, ok?! HIHI, hoow cuutee haha

If your sign is also Scorpio, leave me a comment, and see if the descriptions of the sign match YOUR personality, too! =D

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Marina Grasso disse...

wowww nicoo my broo no wonder were such good friends. ahahahah twin i love you! malu i loved the picture HAHA

Kevin Yoon disse...


Alisha Stafford Feitosa disse...

Great idea to see how this applies to your friends (with their permission, and all in good fun, of course).

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Ana Laura Mendoza disse...

HAHAHAHAH maluu soh juro eu morro de rir com os seus posts!!!

Malu Clari disse...

hahahahahahahahaha very nice