sexta-feira, 14 de maio de 2010

FAVORITE POST - Entertainment

A Casa!!! We Brazilians all know this song since we were little, it's a classic one we HAVE to learn, and I love it! It is a really funny and entertaining song,that has a lot of rhymes, and also makes us think about the lyrics. It talks about a house being built, but the construction of it makes the house imaginary and not possible to exist. It actually doesn't hahahaha It says: it was a funny house with no ceiling, nothing. No one could enter it because in the house there was no floor. No one could sleep in a hammock because there was no wall. No one could pee! Because there was no toilet..And it ends saying it was cautiously built, in the silly's street, number 0. How ironic is that? hahaha SING ALONG ! YOU'LL LOVE IT, but it is for kids.. be prepared

Era uma casa muito engraçada

Não tinha teto, não tinha nada

Ninguém podia entrar nela, não

Porque na casa não tinha chão

Ninguém podia dormir na rede

Porque na casa não tinha parede

Ninguém podia fazer pipi

Porque penico não tinha ali

Mas era feita com muito esmero

na rua dos bobos numero zero

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